FabLab Genova

[ITA] Ultimamente pochi post. Purtroppo siamo molto impegnati. Da un po’ anche con l’apertura del primo FabLab a Genova. Per chi fosse interessato ulteriori informazioni su fablabgenova.it

[ENG] We haven’t been posting much lately. Unfortunately we’re rather busy with other stuff right now. Besides this we’re opening a FabLab in Genova. More info at fablabgenova.it



During the Christmas holidays I decided to try out Autodesk’s 123D Catch. The program allows to generate a 3D model (triangular mesh) of an object. All that’s needed are 40-50 photos of the object taken from different sides. The program works best for textured objects.

Marble lion - Leone stiloforo

I tested it immediately on one of the beautiful marble lions of the Modena Cathedral.

The result is VERY cool: check it out by clicking one of the images below. The link opens a 3D .pdf file that can be viewed with Adobe Reader; to rotate the model click the page with the left mouse button and move the pointer.


Attento! Ti schiacci le mani!

Purtroppo l’idea originale per il “Minimo” del Buridda si e’ rivelata poco fattibile.
Abbiamo quindi ripiegato su una serie di foto scattate tra Giappone e Cina un anno e mezzo fa. Eccole in anteprima.

Unfortunately the original idea for the Buridda “Minimo” work did not work out. We the chose to display some photos we shot during a trip to Japan and China last year. Here’s a preview



Monica sta preparando un’istallazione per il terzo Minimo del Buridda. Io la sto aiutando un po’…

Monica is preparing a sort of art installation for the third “Minimo” at the Buridda social space. I’m helping her out… a little…